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Like most Victorians, I want to see animals treated with compassion, not cruelty.

The Greens have a long track record of advocating for animals in the Victorian Parliament.

‘Since I was elected I’ve continually called for an end to duck shooting, spoken out against cruelty in the horse and greyhound racing industries, called for an end to cruel factory farming practices and fought for stronger protections for native animals.’

All animals deserve our care and respect.

I will always push the government to go further and faster on animal rights and ending cruelty, and I’ll hold them to account when they fail to do so.

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Help secure stronger protections for all Victorian animals.



Petition: Animal welfare

The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that regulations under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 permits a person in charge of an animal, such as a dog, to tether the animal to an inanimate object. Tethering...

Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022

I am pleased to rise and speak very briefly on the Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022. This omnibus bill covers a lot of ground. I will not speak to it in detail, as my colleague the member for Melbourne has covered key points for the Greens in the other place. I...

Motions: 1080 poison

I am pleased to make some brief comments in support of this motion. Phasing out the use of 1080 poison in Victoria is longstanding Greens policy. We know, like many in the community, that 1080 poison is a cruel and inhumane method of animal control that does not belong in...

Motion: Duck Hunting

I would like to make some brief comments on this motion, which the Greens will not be supporting. Our opposition to duck shooting should be well known to everyone in this place. In our entire 15 years in Parliament the Victorian Greens have been calling for the end of duck shooting...