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Constituency Question: Funding for Coburg High School

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Samantha Ratnam
Leader of the Victorian Greens
11 September 2022

For this constituency question, I press the government on funding for Coburg High School. 

This question was asked to the Minister for Training and Skills (for the Minister for Education) on 31 August 2022: 

My constituency question is to the Minister for Education, and it relates to the urgent need for a transparent and equitable process for funding of school upgrades. I recently met with Coburg High School, a terrific school in my electorate. Despite its outstanding results and rapidly growing enrolments, it has not received capital funding for much-needed facilities upgrades when almost all other Northern Metro high schools have been funded. I heard from passionate students, such as Jemma, who are frustrated by the limited space and facilities for hands-on learning. Coburg High School students are being counselled away from technology-based subjects because they do not have access to the facilities required for senior-level technology subjects, such as a performing arts and technology hub. They also are in need of an assembly space and appropriate sports facilities. While the school appreciates the modest funding received for its master plan, more is needed to ensure the works can be fully delivered. Jemma stated:

"I hope the government can help us to make our great school even better with better performing arts and technology opportunities."

Minister, when will the students and the community of Coburg High School receive funding for their much-needed capital works requirements?

You can watch a video of the question on YouTube here. 

profile image
Samantha Ratnam
Leader of the Victorian Greens
11 September 2022


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