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We can cut pointless plastic waste and create a world class recycling system in Victoria.

We all want a world without waste, where we have clean and healthy parks, rivers and oceans, and our wildlife free from the threat of plastic. But in Victoria this sadly isn’t the case. 

Our recycling system has been neglected for decades and the prevalence of pointless plastic that is used once and then lasts a million years in our environment continues to grow.

In recent years our recycling system fell into crisis, with recycling being dumped into landfill. 

The Greens led the response to this crisis. Through our pressure on the government, together with the community, we've secured:

  • A ban on single-use plastic bags
  • A 10-cent refund on bottles and cans (starting by 2023)
  • A separate glass recycling bin for all households (from 2021) 
  • A state government plan to use recycled materials first in roads and infrastructure
  • Food and green waste composting for all households (from 2025)
  • Funding to grow our recycling processing and manufacturing industry 

But there is still much more to do. The Greens have a plan to cut back on our waste and protect our oceans, wildlife and climate, while creating jobs. 

Our plan:

  • Ban all unnecessary single-use plastics, like fruit wrapped in plastic and disposable fruit and veg shopping bags
  • Build more recycling factories right here in Victoria
  • Support 100% recycled packaging and product manufacturing to thrive
  • Establish repairs centres across the state for appliances and other products
  • Ensure all supermarkets have cleaning and detergent bottle refill stations 
  • Roll out water bubbler and bottle refill stations across our shopping precincts and local parks to cut plastic bottle waste
  • Support businesses to switch to reusable takeaway containers and cups
  • Stop the Labor Government’s plans to burn waste in toxic incinerators.

We can cut plastic waste and create a world-class recycling system right here in Victoria that protects the environment and creates thousands of jobs. 

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Help cut pointless plastic and fix the waste system.

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