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Victoria needs more affordable housing.

Rents are rising faster than wages and too many Victorians are locked out of owning their own home.

Here in Melbourne, the median house price is more than $1.1million. It would now take a record 11.4 years to save a 20% deposit for the median home. For too long, property developers have been allowed to exploit weak planning rules and drive up property prices. It is thanks to the government's inaction that our housing system benefits big property developers more than it does people. 

‘First home buyers and renters deserve a government willing to take stronger action on the housing crisis — a government willing to stand up to the profit-hungry property industry.’

Ever since I was elected, I’ve used my position in Parliament to call for bold solutions to fix the housing crisis.

I've campaigned for legislation that would force property developers to pay their fair share; fought to improve the standards of rental properties and introduced legislation that would require the government to acknowledge housing as a human right. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Greens fought for better protections for renters, and we secured a ban on evictions and rent increases for tenants across Victoria.

The Greens and I have a plan to control rent rises, build more affordable homes and ban political donations from property developers. 

I will keep fighting to make housing affordable in Victoria. Everyone in our community should have a safe, secure and affordable place to call home. Please join me to help push the Victorian Government further and faster to make housing affordable.

How is the housing crisis affecting you?

As one of your Members of Parliament, I want to hear about your experiences. 

Your stories and experiences are important – whether it's one page or one paragraph – we know the more the government hears our stories the more likely they are to act.

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Motions: Better Standards for Renters

On Thursday 9 June 2022, I introduced this motion: 

Human Rights and Housing Legislation Amendment (Ending Homelessness) Bill 2022

I move: That the bill be now read a second time. This bill is about changing the way we think about housing in Victoria.

Victorian renters need cooling & insulation added to minimum rental standards

On 25 January 2022, I wrote a letter to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation asking the Government to introduce cooling and proper insulation to the mandatory requirements for rental properties.  

Adjournment: Rental payment systems

My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, and my ask is that the minister bans the use of third-party platforms for rental payments in Victoria. Renters across Victoria are increasingly being asked by their property managers to sign onto third-party property management...