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Our democracy shouldn’t be placed in the hands of greedy gambling giants, fossil fuel companies and property developers with self-serving interests.

It should be protected so that the voices of Victorians are heard.

Since I was elected:

  • I’ve called on the Andrews Government to ban donations to politicians from the gambling industry and property developers
  • I pushed for rules to cap big donations to political parties, and they passed
  • I called for continued parliamentary oversight during the COVID pandemic, so that there would be accountability on government measures
  • I fought for the right to protest – a key part of a functioning democracy
  • I brought a debate to the Upper House to reform our undemocratic group voting ticket system, so that Victorians can decide where their vote goes, not backroom deals. I was the only MP to vote for reform

I will always fight to keep dirty money out of politics and to make sure that our government is working in the interest of all Victorians, not the wealthy few.

Please join me to protect and restore integrity in our democracy.



Help protect Victoria’s democracy from dodgy deals and corporate interests.



Anti-corruption and Higher Parliamentary Standards (Strengthening Integrity) Bill 2022

I move: That the bill be now read a second time. For too long Victorians have been asked to accept poor standards of behaviour from the people elected to serve them and who they look to for leadership. And we know this has dire consequences as people lose faith and...

Regulatory Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2021

I rise to speak on the Regulatory Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2021. This is an omnibus bill covering a range of regulatory and administrative reforms, many necessitated by the pandemic, that should now become permanent arrangements. The Greens support these measures, including allowing local government, councils and parliamentary committees to meet...

Motion: Electoral reform

 I move: That this house: (1) notes that in a representative democracy like Victoria the will of the people should be reflected by the elected members of Parliament; (2) acknowledges that the use of group voting tickets in the election of members of the Legislative Council is unfair and unrepresentative...

Motion: Independent oversite agency funding

The integrity of our democracy requires strong independent accountability bodies. This has been proven time and time again. If left without oversight, governments will go off the rails. Decisions will be made in the interests of donors and mates and not the community. Anti-corruption commissions and the Ombudsman are two...