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Members statement: Multicultural communities

We are lucky in Victoria to have such a rich and vibrant multicultural community. I was pleased to host a meeting with representatives from some of our largest culturally diverse communities last week to hear about the issues their communities are facing and the support they need in dealing with...

Stop independent assessments and cuts to the NDIS

On Saturday I joined Fairer NDIS for all to protest independent assessments and cuts to the NDIS. Yesterday, I echoed the calls of the disability community in Parliament:

End systemic racism against First Nations people and fix our broken justice system

Today is National Sorry Day – a day to acknowledge the ongoing impacts and trauma of the stolen generations. But today, Aboriginal children are still being removed from their families.

Children, Youth and Families (Raise the Age) Amendment Bill 2021

 I move: That the bill be now read a second time. I am humbled to be introducing this very important bill. Children as young as 10 years old are not criminals. They do not belong in prison. Not in Victoria. Not in Australia. Not anywhere in the world. This isn’t just...

Motion: Electoral reform

 I move: That this house: (1) notes that in a representative democracy like Victoria the will of the people should be reflected by the elected members of Parliament; (2) acknowledges that the use of group voting tickets in the election of members of the Legislative Council is unfair and unrepresentative...

#MarchForJustice: The work for gender equality continues

Yesterday we marched for justice. Today, I called on Parliament to do the work that's needed to achieve true gender equality.

Labor’s tax on electric vehicles ‘worst in the world’

Sadly, last night, the Labor Government’s tax on electric vehicles passed Parliament. This tax has been called ‘the worst electric vehicle policy in the world’ in an open letter by 25 organisations.

Motion: Independent oversite agency funding

The integrity of our democracy requires strong independent accountability bodies. This has been proven time and time again. If left without oversight, governments will go off the rails. Decisions will be made in the interests of donors and mates and not the community. Anti-corruption commissions and the Ombudsman are two...

Adjournment: Permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness

My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Housing, and the action I seek is that the minister ensures everyone leaving temporary hotel accommodation is offered safe, secure and long-term accommodation. The Greens were very pleased to see the government take action to protect Victorians experiencing homelessness during the...

Adjournment: Bell Station Car Park

My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, and the action I seek is that the plans for the Bell station redevelopment be revised so that the entry point to the car park is moved to the western side. Bell station is one of the many stations...