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Pages tagged "nature"


Sustainable Forests Timber Amendment (Timber Harvesting Safety Zones) Bill 2022

The right to peaceful protest is at the heart of our democracy, and it is under attack right across Australia. For those without deep pockets or access to politicians and platforms, protest can be the only tool many in our communities have to be heard and to secure change, yet...


Members statements: World Environment Day

A belated but happy World Environment Day for Sunday, everyone. I hope you were able to mark the day in some way by taking some time to enjoy nature. I had the pleasure of spending it in the foothills of the Toolangi State Forest with our brave forest defenders at...


Adjournment: Forest Fire Management

My adjournment this evening is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The action I seek from the minister is that she commission an independent review into a government burn-off that took place at the Mount Richmond National Park in late May. It has been raised in an...


Adjournment: 115 Trawalla Avenue

My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Planning, and my ask is that he refuse the rezoning of 115 Trawalla Avenue, Thomastown, to industrial zone and keep the land in public ownership. 115 Trawalla Avenue is a section of open land along the eastern side of the Merri Creek in...


Conservation, Forests and Lands Amendment Bill 2022

I rise to speak on the Conservation, Forests and Lands Amendment Bill 2022. Victoria’s forests were once widespread and magnificent, from the tall trees and rainforests of the mountains to the giant box gums of the plains, to the red gums along the rivers. I so wish I could see these...


Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline in Victoria report

I too rise to speak to this really fantastic report, a report from the Environment and Planning Committee into biodiversity loss and the extinction crisis that our state faces. I want to thank firstly the committee and the secretariat for all their incredible work, particularly Michael, Alice, Sam, Cat and...


Parks and Crown Land Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

I rise to speak on the Parks and Crown Land Legislation Amendment Bill 2019. This bill relates to the management of Crown land—that is, government-owned land in Victoria. It proposes to do a few things, some of which are good and others that have raised concerns from the community. One of...


Flora and Fauna Guarantee Amendment Bill 2019

I rise to speak on the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Amendment Bill 2019. This bill is amending an act which purports to guarantee Victoria’s precious native plants and animals, their homes and ours. And while the bill makes some improvements to the conservation scheme created by the act, it represents...